The Dim Sum Company

Are you craving for delicious Dim Sum dishes at home? We’re creating it to you!

We started The DimSum Company with the purpose of bringing traditional DimSum dishes to your kitchen.

Our company is a family business, run by two generations.

Together we have over 100 years of experience in the Chinese food industry. We’re a business based on traditional Chinese values but with a contemporary approach.

Our Dim Sum products are committed to delivering a healthy, hearty and delicous alternative to Asian fast food.

Using fresh products, no fillers and no MSG. All products are under strict control of the hygienic department

the Dutch government, in accordance with the regulations of the EEC and HACCP.

Dim Sum is a form of Cantonese cuisine where dishes are served in bite-sized portions in small steamer baskets.

It originated in the Guangdong province as a way of enjoying a relaxing and peaceful dining experience with tea.

Because of this, Dim Sum is also called Yum Cha (‘drink tea’).

Dim Sum comes in many forms: steamed dumplings, buns, dough wrappers with fillings, fried or cooked dumplings.

The contrasting flavors of sweet and savoury and the various textures make every breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack a culinary journey to the Far East.

fried wonton dish


our Dim Sum

Find our wide variety of traditional Dim Sum products at your local supermarkets or Asian supermarkets.